Andys Mod App !

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Andys Mod App !

Post  Andys on Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:27 pm

Hello Andy here !
and here is my Moderator App for Voltage317!

Username: Andy

Age :23

Your current rank: Player

What timezone you are in: Eastern Standerd

How long have you been playing on the server? 1 week and 2 days; And counting =)

Why do you want Mod? Seing How now i'm very active on this server, i want to continue to help others the best way i can and help keep this server safe and clean the best way possible. Teaching and learning from new players always seems to amazes, And that's the responsibility i love to have.

Why do you think you should become a Mod? I'm very kind and outgoing, have the most outmost respect for my staff and players and love giving a helping hand. I believe this is by far the best server to ever come by my computer screen to date so why not take such a big responibility

What do you have to offer the server? My time and dedication to this server and experience on how things work in this server.

Have you been staff on any other servers before? No but looking forward to for the first time

Past experience:

How would you deal with a player with a big mouth? First warning, if he/she continues i will inform a staff. if and so no staff were to be online and that individuel takes it to far i will take actions into matter.

Will you listen and do what you are told by higher ranks? No questions asked, yes, it's just like a boss at a job if he/she tells u to do something and u dont do it u will get fired. I beleive If staff ever was to crown me mod, it is my responsibility to listen and due as told.

Are you willing to constantly give up your time to help others? yes, mod or no mod giving up my time to help others always been a fun experience it brings newcomers to always wanting to stay on this server especially around helpful players.

Are you willing to help the server every day by voting and posting when needed? Yes even when i'm not gonna be on for a specific day, i will take some time during the day to vote.

How will you be a model to others?Being a possitive leader, and showing kindness towards others. Maturity and respect is key on how people will see me as a good rolemodel in the server.

Have you broken any rules? I have not broken any rules.

Extra info: My name is Eduardo and i train during my spare time besides playing this server. i finish school couple years ago (wohoo) but sadly i kinda miss it. Being around friends and family always keeps me calm and steady. I love teaching new things in real life and in games wich makes me no diffrent of a person even when gaming. Hopefully one day i can go into the army and due something to make me proud. I'm gladly and willing to give my all in helping in this great server.

Many Thanks: Andy


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